Creditcard USB Flash Drives

Credit card
Credit card USB Flash Drive
Pixel USB Flash Drive
Credit card wood
Credit card wood USB Flash Drive
Credit card mini
Credit card mini USB Flash Drive
Credit card gold
Credit card gold USB Flash Drive
Credit card metal
Credit card metal USB Flash Drive

The USB card: a very valuable business card

All of our USB cards are fitted with the thinnest of USB chips and are therefore just as thin as our bank card. As such, you can easily put it in your wallet and always carry your USB card with you. Another advantage of the USB card is that it is fully printable on both sides. Premium quality photos are not a problem. This makes the USB card very suitable as a unique business card, especially if you would like us to pre-load specific company information onto it. Our USB card is a popular product and is therefore included in our USB products top 10.

All of our USB sticks are provided with USB 2.0 technology and available with various storage capacities. Turn the USB stick into the ultimate promotional tool by pre-programming it with uploaded data.



The USB card has many advantages


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