Custom made USB-sticks

Twister USB Flash Drive
Custom 2D in Mold
Custom 2D in Mold USB Flash Drive
Custom 3D
Custom 3D USB Flash Drive
Custom 2D extra
Custom 2D extra USB Flash Drive
Custom 2D Printing
Custom 2D Printing USB Flash Drive
Custom 3D extra
Custom 3D extra USB Flash Drive
Custom 2D Doming
Custom 2D Doming USB Flash Drive

Our custom made USB Flash Drives

Usb Stick Producer offers the option to have fully customized USB Flash Drives according to your needs. From shape to colour, nothing is impossible in our factories. Do you have an original concept in mind yourself? You are welcome to bring this to us, our graphic designers will fine-tune your idea. Do you lack the time to work on your concept yourself or make it real in some other way? Tell us about your idea and we will create a unique sample of it for you.

How does it work?

After a concept for a customized USB Flash Drives has been determined, you will receive a digital sample of it first. As soon as you give approval for this, our factory will make several mock-ups, which will also be sent to you for approval. After this sample has gained agreement, we will commence production. During the production process, authorised parties will conduct regular quality inspections to ensure premium quality.

Delivery time of custom made USB Flash Drives

The average delivery time for custom made USB Flash Drives is approximately three to four weeks. This depends on the approval timeframes required for the (digital) samples.





Advantages of customized USB Flash Drives

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