Complete your gift with one of our gift wrappings

Usb Stick Producer will take great care with your complete order. Therefore, we also package your USB sticks with the utmost perfection. We offer different types of standard packaging and we are also happy to provide these with your company logo. Consequently, you can offer your customers a unique USB gift.


Customised USB gift wrapping

When ordering more than 500 pieces, Usb Stick Producer also offers customised packaging. If you wish, you can choose and design your packaging yourself. Of course we will assist you with any required professional advice.

Efficient transport

If the packaging of your USB sticks is not particularly crucial, we advise you not to package the USB sticks separately. This requires less packaging material and is better for the environment. Usb Stick Producer takes Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Less packaging material also translates into lower transport costs, which is to your benefit as our customer.

About our USB-stick packaging

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