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Twister USB Flash Drive
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Credit card USB Flash Drive
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Classic Brussels USB Flash Drive
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Classic Amsterdam USB Flash Drive
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Classic London USB Flash Drive
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Classic Paris USB Flash Drive
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Twister plus USB Flash Drive
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Cheap USB Flash Drive options

The USB web keys and USB web buttons are ideal promotional products to launch your new website or to generate more website activity. The USB web keys and USB web buttons do not contain an internal memory, and this makes them far less expensive than normal USB Flash Drives!

Cheap USB webkey

Our USB web key looks like a normal USB Flash Drive from the outside. However, it does not contain an internal memory, but contains a pre-programmed URL link to a website instead. When you connect your USB web key to your PC, this website will open automatically. We can program every USB Flash Drive in our range as a web key for your own website.

Cheap USB web button

You can also use a cheap USB web button for this purpose. Connect the web button to your computer and with one touch of a button your company’s website will open automatically. Our USB web button is also available as a hub. This device easily turns one single USB port into multiple ports, which is very handy in case of an pressing need for more ports.

Printing on cheap USB Flash Drives

Your logo or slogan can be printed onto all USB web keys and USB web buttons. However, which type of logo printing is most appropriate for your web key or web button will depend on selected materials and on your own preferences. Once we have received your order, one of our account managers will contact you. They will inform you about our various printing options available and advise you about the options for USB web keys or web buttons.

Would you like to discuss options for your company or do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us directly. We are happy to assist you!

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