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220 mm x 17 mm


Our USB bracelet is a special USB stick version that is very practical for conventions, conferences and other events where you gather or share new information. This USB bracelet is always within reach. You are able to simply and quickly take the USB out for use.  Our USB bracelet is available in many colours and, because of its long shape, it can be printed with a lot of text compared to a standard stick. Ideal for corporate use!

Apart from the USB bracelet, see also our other special versions!

Apart from the USB bracelet, our range includes many other special versions, ranging from practical and functional to very stylish. Every USB version always offers you the option for print or engraving your own logo.

All of our special USB sticks are provided with USB 3.0 technology and available with various storage capacities. Turn your USB sticks into the ultimate promotional tool by pre-programming them with pre-loaded corporate data.

Would you like more information about our USB bracelet or other special versions? It is easy to request an obligation-free quote below.

Logo print
32 MB to 256 GB storage
PMS colours MOQ 500
Undeletable data

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