Key shaped USB Flash Drives

Key USB Flash Drive
Everest USB Flash Drive
Iron hide
Iron hide USB Flash Drive

Our USB key, or: your key to success!

The exclusive USB Flash Drives below are produced in the shape of a key or are designed with an attachment by which you can hang them from your key ring. This way you will always have your USB Flash Drive at hand. We offer this very practical business gift in various forms and if desired, combined with a lanyard. We will pre-attach this to your USB Flash Drive at our factory. Would you like your logo on the USB key as well as having it on the lanyard? No problem! We will print them on these gifts for you.

All of our USB Flash Drives are provided with USB 2.0 technology and available with various storage capacities. Turn your exclusive USB-stick into the ultimate promotional tool by pre-programming it with uploaded data.



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